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Circus arts, dance, projections of digital images , olfactive atmosphere.

Total duration : 30 mins

During a night, five air or landed phantasmagorical characters liven up and are in confrontation in the heart of the Amazonian forest. One of them will become prey.
Thanks to the projection of huge and unstable images on the painted bodies,- « white screens »-, between the shadow and the light, the reality and the imagination, the smell of the humidity and the vegetation, the tribal rhythms, it ‘s an hallucinated dream in the shape of trance that is proposed here.

Artistic team
Artistic direction, scenography, choreography: Maflohé Passedouet
3 Dancers
Juggler: Christian Guillaume
Images and olfactive atmosphere creation: Michel Roudniska

Production Mobilis-Immobilis
With the support of Chaville city

Chaville city – 1999
Events – 1999