Avid to share and exchange her experiences with the public, Maflohé Passedouet proposes and organizes masterclasses, workshops on various themes raised of her artwork or chosen by her partners : cities, schools, companies, festivals…
She seeks to encourage meetings, exchanges of know-how, experience and skills, invest her practice in cultural, social, educational territories through interdisciplinary propositions.

– Writing a project
– Feasibility
– Use of appropriate tools
– Dialogue between form and content
– Creation
– Public presentation if desired

Workshops ” body and interactivity ” for professional dancers or not, ” dance and video “, ” dance and sound interaction “,”body-multimedia”, ” creation of interactive objects “…


The company participates in public meetings, also livens up conferences around reports between live performance and new media, in partnership with researchers, co-workers of its creations (ATI / Paris VIII university).