Kururi a trois signification en Japonais : rouler, venir et devenir fou. Après une première collaboration pour la création franco-Japonaise SURU,  la Cie Mobilis-Imobilis et la Tarinof dance Cie s’associent de nouveau pour créer KURURI en s’enrichissant de 4 danseurs sur scène et d’un chanteur traditionnel Japonais. Kururi combine musique créée en temps réel suivant

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Kodama means « Forest spirits » in Japanese. This installation asks the man creativity within the machine in a close cooperation. The emotions felt by the spectator, regarding the images, are translated in words by collecting his neuronal data.

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April / may 2019

– “Kodama” & “One day my princes came …” installations as part of the exhibition “A l’ombre des Forêts” – Art Gallery -Ferme du Mousseau – Elancourt

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jan. fev. march 2019

– Jeudi 10: Masterclass on the Forest theme- Contemporary Dance class – Dance school- Elancourt
– Vendredi 18: Masterclass on the Forest theme- Classic Dance class – Dance school- Elancourt …

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One day, my princes came

In 1946, Jean Cocteau made one of his most poetic films “La Belle et La Bête” (Beauty and the Beast), a sensuously fascinating fairy tale that had the courage to be naive, demanding its audience to slip back to childhood and accept its astounding magic.

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dance/video/music in real time
SURU questions the relations between beings, attachment, physical, imaginary closeness but also friction, break and energy of the movement.

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