Kodama means « Forest spirits » in Japanese. This installation asks the man creativity within the machine in a close cooperation. The emotions felt by the spectator, regarding the images, are translated in words by collecting his neuronal data.

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Three butterflies palpitate with lights at different frequencies such as alpha, beta, or theta rythms. These frequencies correspond at three different categories of brain waves.

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Between the lines

Behavioral Installation
Imagine that you are taken place in a dark alcove. Before you, appears the mobile and silent face of a gypsy. The visage is the avatar’s artist face in 3D. Let your lines hand read by the interactive device. Once your lines have been read, the virtual character comes to life and announces her prediction from the Romany gypsy tarot.

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Herbarium redefines the boundaries between coincidence and divination.
Through a special experience of botanical’s irrationality, by allowing to throw the marble, let you acceed to a vegetable dance specialy dedicated to you.

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J’ai tant rêvé de toi

Two light sources are vibrating. They are both repositories of intimate and internal intensities perceived during the listening of the poem « J’ai tant rêvé de toi » (Robert Desnos) whispered to François-Xavier Makoumb – who is blind- and the artist. Brain waves of each of the protagonists have been recorded and transposed in light intensities.

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On the other side of the mirror, in the deeper meaning of our existence, beyond appearances, open up vast expanses and infinate spaces. The reflection of each viewer is transformed in a silhouette full of a singular sky constantly renewed.

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One day, my princes came

In 1946, Jean Cocteau made one of his most poetic films “La Belle et La Bête” (Beauty and the Beast), a sensuously fascinating fairy tale that had the courage to be naive, demanding its audience to slip back to childhood and accept its astounding magic.

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Tarentella reveals the desire to find the taste of the magic, the exuberance, the trance and the communicating shudder, to find pleasure to vibrate in connection with others, to ritualize a moment of life and exchanged energy.

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The body of my soul

This installation questions us about the love relation and the pacts that we weave all in our life. It asks the question of the freedom in the union beyond the sacred, the symbols and the dogmae.

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