dance/video/music in real time
SURU questions the relations between beings, attachment, physical, imaginary closeness but also friction, break and energy of the movement.

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Tangible bodies

Choreographic creation with the collaboration of Le Cèdre Bleu (medical home) in Chaville

Tangible Bodies connects digital arts, dance, gestural theater with interpreters in situation of mental handicap on stage, educators and professional artists (dancer, musicians) in an interactive scenic device.

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Bloom and spells

Theater of virtual shadows
Bloom and Spells crosses several disciplines by leaving of the contemporary dance and the circus, by visiting the shadow theater and by investigating the manipulation of virtual shadows in real time.

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Flesh and Soul

Interactive dance show
The dancers in the center of the device evolve in a sensitive space filled with phantasmagorical beings – Environment made with projected images, sounds, modified in real time accompanying the dance.

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Multimedia dance performance
The performance shows the awareness of the solitude and the melancholy of a man, who occurs on the stage of a cabaret, further to an unhappy love affair and vacillates between angelic and devilish states.

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8 seasons

Multimedia Butoh dance show
8 Seasons = Infinity, at the beginning and eternal resumption.
Winter, spring, summer, autumn, 4 seasons as a continuity of time, eternal and unlimited cycle.

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Out Focus

Multimedia tale with the presence of two Circassians and virtual beeings
it ‘s a glance without focus, it ‘s the one of the tightrope walker on his thread. It ‘s a glance in 180 °, it ‘s a sensitive perception of the space and of time.

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Multimedia and interactive dance performance
The choice of the pictorial universe of Bacon.
Paint the strengths.
Attempt to make visible strengths which are not . In Art, and in painting, not invent forms but get strengths.

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Narval#tabs 1.2.3

Interactive duet in real time between a dancer and a 3D environment
The show proposes an oniric trip, a mix of fantasy and dream and invites public to discover a creature submerged in 3 moving spaces as virtual paintings -paintings stemming from real paintings of Maflohé Passedouet and 3D virtual images of Franck Lagier.

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Circus arts, dance, projections of digital images, olfactive atmosphere.
During a night, five air or landed phantasmagorical characters liven up and are in confrontation in the heart of the Amazonian forest. One of them will become prey.

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