Maflohe Passedouet

Artist, scenographer, Maflohé Passedouet creates in 1998, Mobilis-Immobilis company, a multidisciplinary company dedicated to the contemporary creation, mixing multimedia, live performance and visual arts, and takes the artistic direction of it.

The Company made noticed in the environment of numeric Arts and dance, due to its always renewed dynamism of creation. Since its creation, 11 multimedia shows and 6 interactive installations were born, scheduled in the festivals of digital Art and dance in France and abroad.

Her choreographic researcharticulates around the questioning on the interfaces between the body and the most recent digital technologies. The body, this natural interface which puts us dynamically, in connection with the world, was in the center of her preoccupations from the beginning of her practice of plastician artist.

She collaborates with multidisciplinary professional artists and personalities of the world of the scientific research with the desire to open the field to new artistic experiments to develop the evolution of the relation between the Body and the existing and emergent Technologies. The scenic space is envisaged, from then, as a laboratory where cross the artistic disciplines, convene the scientific knowledges and the techniques of its time, integrate the magic, the sound, visual and kinetic elements.

And so, the interactive scenographies interfaced with the body, become works conceived as complex dynamic systems conjugating internal and external interactivities, engaging new aesthetic forms and symbolism of exchanges rich and elaborated for a receiving very sensibility increased.

In a world henceforth lived and perceived as changeable, unstable, complex universe, and with which we establishrelations more and more mediatized by technological artefacts, which systems of representation to conceive to report kinaesthetic perceptive experiments of the body included in the stage of the world ?

Attempt not to set Real and virtual – considered nevertheless as not belonging to the same world – but to admit them in relation, to abolish the borders of a created Space and ceaselessly crossed by the body movements, the action and the movement of the actor and\or the spectator.

Attempt to investigate in between …
Between two worlds.

Since 2006, Maflohé proposes workshops of raising awareness to the dance and to the numeric arts in favour of professionals or not, deficient persons. She also develops a work of interactive installations (in association with researchers, programmers, sound artists) among which the main themes are the disorders of the perception, the synaesthesia of the senses, the loss of spatiotemporal marks.

Interview presenting her work on The pandorian website :



Vimeo ( video extracts of few installations and shows)