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Interactive installation

Herbarium redefines the boundaries between coincidence and divination.
Through a special experience of botanical’s irrationality, by allowing to throw the marble, let you acceed to a vegetable dance specialy dedicated to you. Between old mediumnic art and divinatory oracle taking on the aspect of an ancestral casino game, the installation invites you to an intimate relation with the organic behavior of the plants.
In terms of giving back life to a magic langage of plants and reinvigorating a cut herbarium..

Author : Maflohé Passedouet
Development & interaction : Yves Brozat
Voices : Maflohé Passedouet & Marine Laborie
Sound editing : Marine Laborie

Coproduction : Mobilis-Immobilis /Commanderie de la Villedieu de St Quentin

Work Diffusion :
Commanderie de la Villeudieu – Personnal exhibition
« Entrevoir l’invisible » – Commanderie de la Villedieu – St Quentin en Yvelines – France