A la Verticale de Soi

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A la Verticale de Soi

A la Verticale de Soi

Ritual for a present time 

Choreographic piece dance/robotics research & music played in real time

The project A la Verticale de Soi was born from the meeting between Maflohé Passedouet, artistic director of the Cie and Eric Monacelli director and researcher at the LISV laboratory of the University of Versailles St-Quentin – Paris-Saclay, specialized in robotics and innovation in disability & new mobilities. This meeting took place during the 1st “Research and Disability” conference organized in 2017 by the City of Versailles.
Linking artistic and scientific approaches, it started in 2018 and continues to evolve according to the evolution of the prototype created to measure with regard to its support and financial partners, integrate the design of a new assistance for an inclusive dance. This project is part of a strong societal approach, combining use and research at the heart of artistic creation in the service of a new writing of the body.What is it to be a dancer without being able to benefit from a balance and the support of his legs? It is from this questioning that our desire of research started. A la Verticale de Soi approaches the topic of Magic, of the Witch Woman and proposes a futuristic perspective on the consideration of the handicap. The Fascination, the Strange, the Supernatural, the Invisible Powers are at the heart of the show. The theme of the Witch allows to approach the threads of knowledge under a new axis. Different, autonomous and cultured, connected to each other, Witches hold knowledge and open it to others, just like the researchers and teachers who divulge their knowledge in an inclusive societal approach.

Artistic team
Director and artistic director: Maflohé Passedouet / Mobilis-Immobilis Cie
Choreography: Maflohé Passedouet & Mathias Dou
Dancers: Gladys Foggéa, Rémy Parot, Mathias Dou
Composer and musician : Stéphane Bissières
Light designer : Flora Hocquet
Costume Designer : Nathalie Guichon

Scientific Team
Director and researcher of the LISV laboratory : Eric Monacelli
Researchers in robotics engineering : Jedhmar Callupe-Luna, Juan-Carlos Martinez

Mobilis-Immobilis Cie / LISV Laboratory

CND Pantin, Cirque Méli-Mélo, Versailles City, la  Maison des sciences et de l’environnement et l’Estaminet de la Ville de Magny les Hameaux, GPSEA- Créteil conservatory

With the financial support of the Diagonale Paris-Saclay, the Ministry of Culture (DGCA), Poc in Labs Paris-Saclay, the Designspot of Paris-Saclay, Festival IMAGO en IDF, the UVSQ foundation, Festival La Science de l’Art 2021, La Lisière – Research and artistic creation center in Bruyères le Châtel, the Sakura endowment fund. 
Photo principale © Alice Marc
Photos galerie © Eric-Roux Fontaine