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Multimedia and interactive dance performance

The choice of the pictorial universe of Bacon.
Paint the strengths.
Attempt to make visible strengths which are not . In Art, and in painting, not invent forms but get strengths.
“Captage.exe” …
Reorganization of the effects (colors in the impressionism, the movements in the cubism) capture strengths mixed in the decomposition.
Strengths of dilation, contraction, pressure, stretching, flattening which could practice on a ” trans-spatial traveler ” locked into his capsule … Some more

Captage. exe
Etymology: n.m of the Latin captare – mean: action(share) to get; his(her,its) result(profit).
Exe.exécution: put into practice. Fulfillment.

Interpretation (performance).

Get: collect an energy, a fluid, assure the transmission of this message in the heart of the image – interactive three-dimensional set.
Create a duet dance / universe pictorial in real-time. Make that the dance body communicates, interacts by the magic of the virtual images / objects extracts of paintings realized upstream, by deformations, movements, processings to go beyond the action // reaction and to create a sensitive universe captivating loan of poetry.
Dancer provided with sensors: captive of a pictorial universe, but also, trying to be fascinating, to seduce .
Interact in real time with the virtual environment thanks to the use of the 3D real time  software Aaseed.
And add the provocation of sound movements.

Artistic Team
Artistic direction/Scenography: Maflohé Passedouet
3D creation: Franck Lagier
Dance: William Jouve
Choreography: Christine Marquez
Music creation and performance: Uriel Barthélémi
Light creation: Nadim Deaibes
Costume creation: Jean-Marc Bourgeois

Production Mobilis-Immobilis
Co-production CDA of EnGhien Les Bains

Le Cube / Issy les Moulineaux : June 2007
Bains Numériques Festival / CDA d’Enghien Les Bains : September 2007
Mendès France Cultural Center / Poitiers : March 2008
VIP Room / Paris : October 2008