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Multimedia dance performance

Total duration : 30′

Description :
The performance shows the awareness of the solitude and the melancholy of a man, who occurs on the stage of a cabaret, further to an unhappy love affair and vacillates between angelic and devilish states.
Interactive dance performance / Close -up cabaret with electroacoustic music played in live (electric and acoustic guitar + digital audio tape).
Governed images generated in real time via graphics palette +joystick.
Certain images and virtual objects appear and react according to sounds

Artistic Team
Artistic direction, scenography, light creation, images in real time: Maflohé Passedouet
Dance: William Jouve
Music creation and performance: Jean-Marc Haussaire
Costume: Jean-Marc Bourgeois

Production Mobilis-Immobilis

Des Ideo festival-La Bellevilloise/ Paris-curator LLND