Flesh and Soul

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Flesh and Soul

Interactive dance show

Dance with interactive sound and visual universe, electroacoustic music played in live and images generated in real time.

Total duration: 70mns

Description :
The dancers  in the center of the device evolve in a sensitive space filled with phantasmagorical beings – Environment made with projected images, sounds, modified in real time accompanying the dance. Interconnections allowing sound, gestural, visual onirism.

« «Fill the images as so many mirrors.
Flesh and soul proposes a crossing in three dimensions, in the heart of landscapes / bodies, come from the imagination of the body in the course of the story and the art and walks in two embodiments, dancers, immersed in the bath of a hallucinated phantasmagoria. Flesh and soul, some flesh in the soul, the gesture in the light, the image in the body, senses in the sense which in the successive spaces escapes to fill the images as so many mirrors. Both loving bodies base themselves in the aquatic to be reborn in combustion marrying the humors that the story proposed them. They embrace in the sound, push away the light to fetch on the ground and in the twilight a protection in their attraction and in the tale which they reveal us. Dreams of each, contradictory, try to join. And, while it seems to us vain, we join their reunion. »
Philippe Baudelot
adviser in numeric Arts and curator

«  I’ m going to say to you surprising things.We are all monsters, abysses, insects, hunters and games, machines and gods, blind persons and sluggish, panoramas, dumb centuries, snows, magicians.Nevertheless everything must be very simple.But for it, it’s necessary of the genius.Or a sincere heart.

Brigitte Fontaine « Fury »

Equipe Artistique
Direction artistique/scénographie/ création visuelle : Maflohé Passedouet
Création du dispositif interactif : Cédric Plessiet
Création sonore : Nicolas Boscovic
Danseurs interprètes : Elsa Pernot / William Jouve
Création Lumières : Hazem Berrabah
Assistant Plasticien : Jean -Marc Bourgeois
Création des accessoires : llwyt

Artistic team
Artistic direction/ scenography / visual creation: Maflohé Passedouet
Creation of the interactive device: Cédric Plessiet
Sound creation: Nicolas Boscovic
Dancers interpreters: Elsa Pernot / William Jouve
Light Creation: Hazem Berrabah
Assisting  technician: Jean – Marc Bourgeois
Creation of accessories: llwyt

Production Mobilis-Immobilis
With the support of: Fées d’Hiver, CCAS of Savines,INREV Laboratory of the Paris III University and  Chaville Atrium.

Ccas of Savines le Lac (Hautes Alpes) – september 2009
La Novela Festival /Toulouse /Innovation week -october 2010 – curator Philippe Baudelot.
The nights of the route of the fairies organised by Fées d’Hiver/Hautes Alpes -July & August 2010.
Atrium de Chaville – Automne 2011