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Dance/video/music in real time

SURU questions the relations between beings, attachment, physical, imaginary closeness but also friction, break and energy of the movement.

The bodies of both dancers very identified from by their own energy and body movements are transformed little by little until moult and become soaked with the porosity of other one and with the generated outside environment. We attend here a metamorphosis.

Description : SURU take then all its sense:

The “internal” dance, the visual environment “outside”, the music crossing them connect on stage to represent SURU, assembly of appropriate identities, 2 different-French and Japanese cultures – to become original work borrows of each of the universes of the artists which make up it.

The differences, the affinities, the sensibilities, the artistic and cultural interactions are nourishing and are at the heart of this common creation.

Outside transformation, internalProcessing.

Outside, elements provoke air, water, heat and cold acting on our environment. The life “dances” around us.

Inside, the feelings cross our bodies, make him move themselves: enjoyment, sadness, anger … The life dances inside.

Inside and outside are permanently connected.

The border between both disappears. Everything is in everything. Everything dances, connected.

The internal dance expresses himself here by the choreography, alternately slow, energetic, then electric.

It ‘s a dance of time, a retranscription of the way the body of the dancer crosses and is crossed by time and the perception of a space in permanent transfer, at 3 times.

Outside, the dance is projection on screens, evolution of materials, colors on bodies, painting deceiving the light and the darkness, the patterns – references to Japan.

The music accompanies this dance, carrying it, seeming, disappearing in the distant, getting, accompanying the movements and the breath.

The “internal” dance, the visual environment “outside”, the music crossing them connect on stage to represent SURU, immersive travel where the dance, the music and the video are in total interaction, thanks to the device of creation in real time from images and from sound in the service of the scenography.

Dancers: Maiko Hasegawa and Mamoru Sakata
Sound composition: Stéphane Bissières
Real-time video creation: Etienne Bernardot
Artistic direction – choreographs: Maflohé Passedouet

Partners and co-production: MOBILIS-IMMOBILIS Cie / Maflohé Passedouet, Le Hublot, Le Cube, digital art center, Sasakawa foundation
“les Réseaux de la Création”, co-organizer of IRL Evenings and VISION’R festival