Tangible bodies

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Tangible bodies

Multimedia Choreographic play

Tangible Bodies connects digital arts, dance, gestural theater with interpreters in situation of mental handicap on stage, educators and professional artists (dancer, musicians) in an interactive scenic device. The spatial evolution of the body in this immersif space, gets the movements and the presences, generates in real time the transformations of visual and sound boards to make them partners of dance and game.

We shall walk in the body and his states, immersed in a behavioral device which will in real time allow to assist the metamorphosis of this visual and sound body in connection with the myth, the technology, the spirituality and the psychology. This thanks to the creation of ” an increased reality ” .Captation of the gesture, the movement, the presence detection…

“In an attempt of disappearance of the limits, in Tangible Bodies device, the reality pounds through the weft of the virtual in a permanent entrelac. The human-machine becomes again flesh-coloured and the sensitive resists through the machine. ”
Philippe Baudelot_digital art curator

Artistic team
Author- artistic direction : Maflohé Passedouet
Interactive device : Jean-Michel Couturier
Music : Sébastien Eglème
Real time video & guitar : Gregory Cosenza
Dance: Sébastien Dumont
Interpretation : Nicolas Merlier, Corinne Saillant, François Tixier, Sébastien Dumont with te participation of the educators Claire Birrer, Céline Segara, Didier Servan
Costumes : Jean-Marc Bourgeois-Maflohé Passedouet

 Mobilis immobilis // Fées d’Hiver // Blue Yéti
with the partnership of APEI 92, Orange Foundation, Saffron foundation for the insertion, CCAS of Savines-Lac, Afnic Foundation,Animakt, Chaville Atrium, Pernette Company 2014

-CCAS @ Savines-Le -Lac, on january 18th 2014
-Chaville Atrium on march 18th 2014
-Friche artistique@ Besançon, on october 31th 2014