Bloom and spells

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Bloom and spells

Theater of virtual shadows

Multimedia Choreographic play

Description :
Bloom and Spells crosses several disciplines by leaving of the contemporary dance and the circus, by visiting the shadow theater and by investigating the manipulation of virtual shadows in real time. Original multimedia show claiming the bet to propose a contemporary show for all – children as adults- playful, erasing the borders between entertainment and contemporary show. Finally it ‘s also the shape which opens on proposals of workshops which can lead to the creation of a show built by the participants.

Mobilis-Immobilis company created this show around the generative installation ” SHADOWS ” of the artist Erik Lorré, in coproduction with the LAB of the Fairies.

Maflohé Passedouet declines this work to adapt it to a choreographic and poetic performance in 15 parts. This proposal articulates in two phases /two movements:

1 – A show around a duet dance / contortion in an interactive sound and visual universe, of duration adapted to the audience, with the presence of 2 artists interpreters within the generative installation SHADOWS. The performance proposes a creation of real, virtual images and stories in real time according to the scenario. Bodies leave their borrow, sound and visual tracks by populating the space, slowly, with fancies, onirism and poetry.

2 -A time of experiment in the interactive device, opened to the public (children, adults, deseable persons), with the presence of the creative artists. To set up with the place of welcome: playful experiment of the device, by groups, before or after the representation on stage. These workshops can lead to the creation of a show with the participants (consult us for the implementation).

Artistic team
Artistic direction: Maflohé Passedouet and Erik Lorré
Real-time visual effects creation: Fées d’Hiver
Original Music: Erik Lorré
Interpreters: Emma Richard, dancer contortionist / William Jouve, dancer
Creation of accessories: Nathalie Guichon.

Co-Production Mobilis immobilis // Fées d’Hiver