Interactive audio books

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Interactive audio books


This installation composed of 8 interactive books allows the sound restitution of texts written or read and then recorded by everyone in a playful way. It leads to pay attention and listen.

Listening to the other, listening to oneself, discovering the spoken words…

The sound content of the books evolves as the passages and voices are recorded.

Associated with writing workshops such as Haiku, slam, poetry, this installation allows to federate a different and playful synergy around writing and words.

By opening the books one by one or together, the voices that come out form a chorus of words.

The words are distributed randomly… which leads to play with the books to find its recorded words.

Conception, creation: Maflohé Passedouet
Book design: Maflohé Passedouet & Jean-Marc Bourgeois
Developer, composer: Nicolas Boscovic

Production Mobilis-Immobilis

Atrium de Chaville (shooting)
Le Cube (loan of rehearsal room)

2012 : Atrium Media library  of Chaville (92) within the framework of the spring of the poets
2013 : Chatenay-Malabry Media library (92) for the 10th anniversary of the media library