The body of my soul

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The body of my soul

Video Installation

This installation questions us about the love relation and the pacts that we weave all in our life. It asks the question of the freedom in the union beyond the sacred, the symbols and the dogmae. The installation stages the bridal dress. Suspended in the sights, this dress livens up in an appearance which seems angelic, magic… While the dramaturgy takes place in the airs by the video projection

Maflohé wished to celebrate the Roma gypsy woman, tribute to her distant roots. She stages herself naturally to expose the multiple discrimination of the Roma women and their social exclusion. Ambivalent icon, provocating and seductive bride, restricted in her movements, imprisoned by male hands without body. The video mapping on the dress evokes the dance, the shouts, the laughter, the tears and proposes, in a surprising direction, a dramatic and expressionist environment.

Author – conception – creation – interpretation : Maflohé Passedouet
Sound design : Nicolas Boscovic
Hands manipulation mains : William Jouve & Jean-Marc Bourgeois
Video shooting and editing : Hazem Berrabah
Sewing assistant : Jean-Marc Bourgeois
Production : Mobilis-Immobilis
Partners : Atrium de Chaville (shooting) , Le Cube – Issy les Moulineaux ( rehearal place)

Work diffusion :
Crypt St Pancras Gallery – London – United Kingdom
City of Women Festival – Lubjiana – Slovenia
51 rue de Rivoli gallery – Paris – France
Féeries Nocturnes Festival – Vallée Hautes Alpes – France Festival Serres Les Arts – Hautes Alpes, France
Nuit blanche – Marseille – France