Narval# tabs 1.2.3

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Narval# tabs 1.2.3

Interactive duet in real time between a dancer and a 3D environment

Description :
The show proposes  an oniric trip, a mix of fantasy and dream and invites public to discover a creature submerged in 3 moving spaces as virtual paintings -paintings stemming from real paintings of  Maflohé Passedouet  and 3D virtual images of  Franck Lagier.

Thanks to sensors put on the body allowing a direct connection with the environment, the dancer is playing with the 3 D images becoming partners of dance.
The control of images is manipulated in real-time for appearance / disappearence of some elements of the decor and for his exploration in rythm ( virtual camera).
Electronic music and sounds are mixed in real-time on stage with two musicians.
Narval#tabs 1.2.3 tries to transfigure reality thanks to dance and new technology , arousing sensitive feelings.

Artistic team
Artistic direction, scenography, paintings: Maflohé Passedouet
3D environment: Frank Lagier
Real time software: Maa Berriet
Dancers: Azuki Hagino/William Jouve
Choreography: Atsuchi Takenouchi
Music creation and performance: Uriel Barthélémi, Emmanuel Rivière
Light creation: Eric Marynower
Costume: Jean -Marc Bourgeois
Technician: Renaud Bontron

Production Mobilis-Immobilis
With the supports of The Cube/Issy les Moulineaux and  Chaville Atrium

Emergences Festival /La Villette -Paris-september 2002
Le Passage Festival/Fontenay sous Bois-October 2002
Chaville Atrium-November 2002
Avril.Exe Festival – Confluences/Paris-April 2003
The Cube/Issy les Moulineaux – November 2003 & march 2004
Villette numérique Festival/La Cité des siences of la Villette-Paris -september 2004
Les Contemporaines Festival/Cergy Theater-April 2005
CDA of Enghien Les Bains- february &  april 2005
Theater of Constantine-Algeria- may 2006