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Tarentella reveals the desire to find the taste of the magic, the exuberance, the trance and the communicating shudder, to find pleasure to vibrate in connection with others, to ritualize a moment of life and exchanged energy. Of the slowness of an object, make the movement appear… Assist at a metamorphosis, restore life in a dress made and populated with materials which metamorphose when we approach it

2 presentations are possible :
– Presentation of the installation full day
For a while, the installed finery is lit by a subdued light. It livens up in autonomy, in a loop, letting the public discover it and explore the dress, in a particular sound atmosphere.

– Interactive presentation with the audience in the darkness
As a particular appointement (examples: varnishing / finishing), and in the presence of the creators, the public is invited to discover it in the darkness and interact with this one through a mesmerizing artistic experience : in a particular sound atmosphere, Tarentella welcomes the public, immersing him in another dimension. Provided with flashlights, the audience is invited to approach, to explore this presence which begins to react to the light, to the touch, to the approach by shivering, by emitting sounds, light … Little by little, the dress livens up, expresses itself to take the visitor in a dramaturgy until a climax, invading all the space.

Capacity for each performance ; 15 persons maximum
Timing : 10 mins by performance

Artistic direction – creation – conception – scenography : Maflohé Passedouet
Interactivity – robotics – programmation : Martin Hermant & Aurélien Conil
Sewing : Nathalie Guichon – Jean-Marc Bourgeois – Alicia Lajus
Sound design : Sébastien Eglème
Production : Mobilis-Immobilis
Coprroduction : GRAph-CMI – Fenêtres sur Cour & le ZOOM

Work diffusion :
Nightshot Festival- Carcassonne – France
Cultural center of Bram – France
Château de Saint Priest – Labo(s) Arts/Sciences exhibition – France
Commanderie de la Villedieu – “Textiles” exhibition – Saint Quentin en Yvelines – France
Le Zoom, Digital art center – Bourg-en-Bresse – France